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The right groceries can keep your bill low, especially in these times of sky-high prices. So, what should you look for when you go shopping next time? The Meatless Monday team compiled a list of inexpensive plant-based ingredients that can help you make healthy, delicious...
The hot weather is the perfect time for picnics and pool-side chilling, but the sun takes a lot out of you, and it surely works up an appetite, which is why we’ve made a list of our favorite mostly no-cook recipes to keep you cool during that next heat wave.
A balanced diet includes vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein. But what are these ingredients? We’ve got you covered. Check the list for a roundup of nutrient-dense superfoods to add to your recipes.
The fun of cooking with seitan is its versatility. The right sauces, seasonings, and cooking methods, can be transformed into everything from fajitas and taco meat to cold-cuts and chicken tenders. Looking for some inspiration? Check out our roundup of fun and innovative ...
The Meatless Monday team suggests some foods that you should just avoid purchasing from grocery stores during the summer months—for your health, your environment, and your wallet.
Our Meatless Monday BBQ recipe roundup covers everything from plant-based pulled pork to seitan chicken to carrot hot dogs to help ensure that you have a safe and tasty Fourth of July feast.
Our Meatless Monday culinary ambassadors deliver recipes and tips that can help men (and women) recreate the “manly” foods without relying on any meat.
For the summer season, load up your grill with unconventional ingredients and plant-based proteins. Check out our Meatless Monday roundup of foods that you never knew you could grill.
Many chefs, food bloggers, and home cooks are creating modern interpretations of classic Juneteenth dishes that rely more on fruits, vegetables, and legumes, rather than meat, butter, and dairy.
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