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There’s an overwhelming body of research showing that, when it comes to agriculture, meat production has the most significant impact on the environment and climate change.
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Eating more plant-based foods is good for our health and the environment, but many people new to meatless meals have questions about getting enough protein without meat or dairy. But thankfully, it’s easy to get plenty of protein from eating plant-based foods.
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This summer has been far from typical, but cookouts are still very much a thing, and we want to make sure your next backyard barbecue is full of plant-based burger options
The summer tomato is juicy, bright, and pleasantly tart. It’s a versatile ingredient that can be transformed into everything from chutneys and salsas to salads and savory tarts.
Recreating our favorite meaty meals using only plant-based ingredients just requires a little bit of technique and some imagination. This Monday, try cooking up some meatless versions of the classics.
Preparing plant-based ingredients isn’t hard, but it does require some extra know-how. When making food without animal products, you can use creative solutions to recreate your favorite textures and flavors.
Zucchini is a favorite amongst home cooks because it’s inexpensive and easy to prepare. Incredibly versatile, try incorporating it into soups, dips, chips or even brownies.
The hot weather is the perfect time for picnics and pool-side chilling, but the sun takes a lot out of you, and it surely works up an appetite, which is why we’ve made a list of our favorite mostly no-cook recipes to keep you cool during that next heat wave.
Watch any cooking competition, and you’ll appreciate all the amazing meals a skilled chef can put together in 30 minutes or less.
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