Connect with a Fitness Family by Using Online Workout Classes, Teachers, and Tutorials

Even when we can’t get moving in the company of others, we can still exercise “together.” Numerous services exist that can bring your favorite fitness class — HIIT, spin, yoga, Zumba, kickboxing, dance — to your computer monitor, television screen, or smart phone. Many of them offer their tutorials, videos, and guided workouts at no cost or as part of a free trials, while others might require a monthly fee.

And we’ve got a list of them right below. Use this Monday to reconnect with your old workout buddies, join a new fitness family, or experiment with some different types of exercise — Zoom dance party anyone?


People of all age and ability can benefit from a daily yoga session. Do Yoga with Me offers free video lessons geared towards all skill levels, as well as blog posts, articles, and teacher trainings. If you miss the guidance of an instructor, check out Yoga With Adriene on YouTube or, for more advanced lessons, try looking through the Fightmaster Yoga YouTube page. You can even practice yoga poses from your bed!


Dancing is an aerobic exercise that can be done from the confines of your living room. Danceplug offers videos that can teach you a number of essential dance steps and combinations. If you’re looking for a sweat rather than technique, check out the Dancefit Sugar YouTube page; they’ve got plenty of choreographed routines to keep you busy.

Fitness/Strength Training

Whether we’re talking upper-body burnouts, kickboxing, or a home HIIT routine, you can find it all — for free — at Fitnessblender. This can be your one-stop-shop for all-things fitness. Browse through their video library and find the right workout for you.


If you’re a Soul Cycle or Flywheel junky, then getting in a weekly spin class is a necessity. Although a stationary bike is required, Studio Sweat OnDemand , offers high-intensity rides complete with fellow riders, an instructor, and a bumping soundtrack. Check out their free rides or purchase their premium service for a modest monthly fee.