Move It Monday Resources

Organizations can download our packages of weekly practices and Monday Mile resources to make a Monday cue part of their physical fitness programs.


Ease into Exercise

The Move It Monday Ease into Exercise Package is a 12-week series is designed to prepare users for increased physical activity by teaching them how to warm up, measure progress, and execute movements appropriate for their ability levels.

Find the Time to Fit in Fitness

The Move It Monday Find the Time Fit in Fitness package is designed to provide you with ways to stay physically active throughout the week, even when you’re not working out. The 12-week series includes creative exercises, stretches, and low-intensity movements that you can do in a variety of settings.

Walk Your Way to Better Health

Our Walk Your Way to Better Health package is designed to help you start and maintain a walking routine, one Monday at a time. Download the free 10-week series to taking the steps toward a healthier you.

Move It Positive Affirmations Feature

Be Your Motivation

The Move It Monday Be Your Motivation package is an 8-part web-based series designed to show how you can maintain your momentum and increase your drive and determination over time. By planning a path to success, taking small-steps, and using inspirational cues like music and positive mantras, anyone can turn lofty ambitions into attainable realities.

Body Prep

In order to work out safely and effectively, you must prepare your body, mind, and muscles. Thankfully, preparing for physical activity is pretty simple, especially when you use the 7-week, Move It Monday Body Preparation Package.

Fun Family Fitness

The Move It Monday Family Fitness Package is a 7-week series designed to help families stay active together with games, nature walks, fitness challenges, stretching sessions, and family yoga. This Monday, demonstrate to your family that exercise doesn’t always have to be a workout.

Move for Your Mood

The Move It Monday Move for Your Mood Package is an 8-week series designed to show users of all fitness levels how they can adopt different forms of physical activity to relieve stress, sharpen focus and mental acuity, and maintain a positive outlook. This Monday, learn how you can use movement to feel better.

Ready, Set, Monday!

This 12-week package is designed to encourage your audience to engage in or recommit to daily physical activity.

Sweat It Out Together

This 5-week package is designed to motivate your audience to participate in a weekly physical activity challenge.

Move More to Prevent Diabetes

Encourage physical activity as part of a diabetes prevention program with these curated social media graphics.

Move It in Parks

An 8-week social media campaign designed to promote inclusive physical activity in public parks and spaces every Monday.

Monday Mile Resources

Monday Mile Program Guide

This guide introduces the Monday Mile, provides guidance on how to start a program, and explains how to measure its success.

Monday Mile Leadership Handout

This handout will help you organize and lead a weekly Monday Mile walk or jog.

Interested in more resources for improving your health programs?