Use Monday to Take Steps Towards Healthier Living

Starting each week with a Monday exercise can improve your commitment to staying physically active throughout the week. So get moving and stay grooving.

Move It Monday Can Support a More Active Lifestyle

Organizations and individuals can use our free resources to build upon their knowledge of low-impact movements, at-home exercises, and fun ways to stay fit or to start a Move It Monday program of their own.

Whether you’re a hospital, health department, municipality, corporation, school, or university, there’s plenty of ways to promote exercise and physical activity. Learn how you can use a weekly Monday cue to help your audience stay active.

Join a community of like-minded individuals and groups dedicated to the idea of staying active for better health. Explore our Move it Monday weekly practices for a collection of articles, tips, techniques, and actions that you can do every Monday — and beyond — to help start a routine and stay active.

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