Dance with Someone You Love this Monday

Yes, dancing is exercise! Even slow-dancing.

Looking for some fun activities you can do with your partner to get moving this Monday? Get started on the right foot with some dancing.

Because it’s seen as a fun way to celebrate and let loose, dancing’s health benefits are often overlooked; but dancing can be an excellent source of physical activity that benefits your muscular strength, balance, and flexibility.  The combination of simple movements and moderate pace make dancing a great workout alternative for people of all fitness levels. Dancing also gives you an opportunity to let loose and clear your head.

Ready to dance? You can get started today.

  • You don’t need to be an expert – it’s easy to find online classes or instructional videos. You can also explore in-person classes at your local gym or dance studio.
  • There is no equipment necessary, except a good pair of comfortable shoes.
  • Dancing can be for everyone. If you or your partner need special accommodations, seek out adapted special needs classes. Many facilities are committed to providing all-access classes.

Spend quality time on the dance floor with your partner this Monday for a fulfilling and shared fitness experience.