Basketball, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee – The More, The Better


Why Group Activities?

Of course, you know time flies when you’re having fun. If your fitness routine needs some fun this Monday, try taking a class or signing up for group sports – volleyball, basketball, softball, or some ultimate Frisbee in the park. Plus, you can’t overlook the benefits – from stress reduction to making friends.

When it comes to fitness, group activities can sometimes be even better than exercising alone. Studies compared the two and found regular group fitness classes can lead to a significant decrease in stress and an increase in physical, mental, and emotional quality of life.

So, save your solo treadmill workouts for another day. It’s time to find a game or sign-up for a class! The advantages will surprise you. We list a few of them below.

Cardio, Coordination, and Strength Training

You’ve got the ball, you pass it, it goes to the other team, and you run across the court. This happens over and over in group sports. It makes your heart pump, improves your hand-eye coordination, and makes your legs stronger.

Leadership, Concentration, and Stress Reduction

You strategize the play, your team carries it out, and you score big! Leadership and concentration were the big players in this game. And don’t forget about your worries and stress that got left on the bench! Doesn’t it feel good to win, not just the game, but your health too?

Socializing and Improving Your Mood

A recreational setting allows you to socialize and make friends. It could put you in a good mood, promote better sleep, and make you feel healthier overall. Now, that’s exciting.

Move It Monday is for changing your game, shaking it up, and re-thinking your overall health and fitness plan. Join a team or sign-up for a class, play sports, and reap all the benefits. Get jazzed this Monday and carry it through your week.