Keep Yourself Moving as Temperatures Cool with these 5 Indoor Sports and Athletics

indoor sports

The crisp autumn weather is the perfect time to work up a sweat.  And you don’t even have to worry about bundling up; there are tons of activities you can do indoors that will keep you moving and grooving all through the fall and into winter.

So, use Move it Monday as an excuse to try them out.

Whether you’re an established athlete or someone just looking for a fun time running around with friends, these five indoor sports will undoubtedly bring out your inner elementary-schooler (and maybe a little bit of your competitive side).


This childhood classic has a reputation as being a bit brutal, but when played responsibly — and with the right type of ball — the game can definitely get your heart rate pumping. After all, fear is a very powerful motivator.


It’s not too hard to find a local indoor volley ball league; all you need is a net and three to four players on each side. The constant jumping, backpedaling, and shuffling side-to-side will have you breaking a serious sweat.


Badminton sits at the crossroads of tennis and ping pong. Although you’re not covering the same distance as you would on the tennis court, the rapid back-and-forth exchange on the badminton court will definitely wear you out. Traditional badminton is played on an indoor court and requires a net, but speedminton can be played with just rackets and a birdie (aka shuttlecock).

Pick-Up Basketball

Whether you’re playing 5-on-5 full court or a casual game of HORSE, there’s no way you won’t burn some calories playing a game of pick-up basketball. During the winter a lot of gymnasiums or athletic centers offer intermural sports leagues of varying age groups and ability. Even if your game isn’t where it was in high school, you’ll instantly remember that gratifying feeling that comes with every sunk three-pointer.


You might have heard of Zumba, the popular exercise program that incorporates different styles of dance like salsa, reggaetón, and merengue into one super-charged fitness routine. Ask your local gym if they offer any classes; most people get hooked after one hour-long session, which, by the way, can burn up to 600 calories.