NYU Langone Hospital Starts a Weekly Monday Mile Program

Nurses are always on their feet, but many still struggle to meet the recommended guidelines for weekly physical activity. Daily exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes, and can help manage weight.

The health promotion team at NYU Langone Hospital, one of the premier medical establishments in the country, identified the need for more physical activity amongst their nurses, practitioners, and other members of hospital staff. Senior leadership from NYU Langone Health partnered with The Monday Campaigns to set up a weekly Monday Mile program to encourage hospital employees to start off each week with a specially-designated walking route through the hospital.

For the inaugural Monday Mile event, an information table was set up to field questions from curious staff members. To complement and support the Monday Mile, a weekly email was sent to hospital staff, including a combination of informational articles, actionable practices, and infographics highlighting the benefits/necessity of physical activity.

Today, Monday Mile walks are still taking place at NYU Langone Hospital with a steady participation rate. Monday Mile walks allows members of the hospital staff to talk informally with senior leadership. “Monday Mile Accessibility Checks” have been implemented to ensure paths are suitable for people with disabilities. Friendly competitions and more challenging walking routes have been added to the original Monday Mile program framework for variety.

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