Reward Yourself Every Monday for Sticking with Fitness

If you spent the past week keeping up with your fitness routine, then you’ve earned the right to celebrate this Monday! Sticking to a workout regimen is no easy task, especially when daily life is busy.

If you achieved any of your fitness goals, like losing weight or increasing the time you spent working out, there are ways to reward yourself that won’t sabotage your progress. Rewards are a great way to motivate you to keep pushing yourself toward next Monday’s reward.

Take a nap! You’ve worked hard, why not get some extra sleep? Sleep improves memory function, mental focus, and physical performance. By catching some extra z’s, you may have better workouts. That’s right, reward yourself with some downtime.

Treat yourself. A fitness routine can build up tension in your muscles, consider getting a massage or taking a bath with Epsom salts for tired muscles. Do something that makes you feel good, healthy, and relaxed.

Eat a good meal. Don’t overlook nourishing yourself as a reward. Cook up your favorite, healthy foods and make a great meal. Eating well can also improve your workouts.

Rewarding yourself is a way of thanking your body for all the hard work it does. Use Monday as a way of giving back to yourself, replenishing your reserves, and being grateful for all that you’ve achieved.

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