Beat a Sedentary Lifestyle for Your Heart This Monday!

This Monday, move more and sit less! Many of us spend a big part of the day being sedentary. Physical activity is important for heart health and blood circulation, not to mention bone health and muscle tone.

Here are some ideas to help you move more and sit less throughout your day and get the recommended daily 20 to 30 minutes of exercise.

  • Incorporate movement into your day by setting a timer to go off every hour. It will remind you to get up and move.
  • Tackling a sedentary lifestyle can be as simple as stretching more frequently or as brief as taking a walk, inside or out.
  • If you are stuck at your desk, try mini-workouts you can do while seated, which can help you get your blood flowing.
  • Other ideas to keep moving include taking the stairs instead of escalators and elevators or doing some yoga in your chair.

A study revealed that remaining inactive for long periods of time was associated with a greater risk for overall disease such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

If you feel like you’ve been sitting too long, use this Monday to get up and start moving again. Your whole body will thank you!

Move It Monday encourages everyone to kick off the week with exercise, for a fresh start and to motivate healthy behavior throughout the week. Join us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram for more simple and enjoyable tips to move and stay moving.