This Monday, Start Slow to Build Up to Your Best Workout

start slow

Using Monday to begin a new fitness routine is a great step toward a healthier lifestyle. But before you begin working towards new fitness goals, make sure you start slow and give yourself time to ease into a new exercise routine.

It’s common to want to dive right in to a new workout, but it’s crucial that you prepare before starting that first set. Knowing how to do the exercise properly allows you to target the correct muscle and reap all of the benefits while avoiding injury. And many times, the proper form makes the exercise easier to execute.

The first step in preparation for your workout is to come with the proper equipment. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable, breathable clothes and sneakers. Have a bottle of water handy; it’s important to stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout. Once you’ve decided on an exercise routine, set a simple initial workout goal for yourself. Modesty is key, because if you overdo it the first time, you’re more likely to get frustrated, discouraged, or injured.

For example, if walking is your initial exercise of choice, start by aiming to walk at a moderate pace for about 10 to 15 minutes. If you’re looking to build muscle, start with the lightest weights possible or your own body weight. Many household items like water bottles or canned goods can be repurposed into mini weights, so give these a try if you need something a little lighter. If you’re hoping to do something more aerobic, start with short sets of low-intensity mini-workouts or even something as simple as walking up stairs.

Starting slow will not only prevent you from overdoing it, but it will help you assess your current fitness level. To get a better understanding of your progress, use Monday as the day to check in and see how far you’ve come. Plan to spend your first few weeks of exercising as a beginner; this warm up period will do your body a lot of good by easing it into a different physical routine. After your first week, see if you’re ready to move to the next level – then challenge yourself.

Work out the smart way by starting slow, and make every Monday the perfect time to recommit to getting active.