Track Your Fitness Progress This Monday

track progress

This Monday, try tracking your fitness progress to help you achieve your goals. It can reveal the success you’ve achieved, help you stay motivated, and encourage you to continually challenge yourself.

The first step is to choose the tracking method. Do you like pen and paper or are you comfortable with a digital fitness tracker? Take a moment to consider the tool that best suits your needs: a daily journal, a spreadsheet, a calendar, a Fitbit (or similar device), or downloading a fitness app to your personal device.

Benefits to Tracking Your Fitness Progress

See All Your Data in One Place. A fitness journal clearly illustrates your performance. This can help you to assess your own fitness level, make modifications, and set realistic goals.

Accurately Track Your Fitness Progress. Making note of your key statistics, whether miles covered or length of cardio sessions, is more reliable than memory. Keeping track of your efforts can also be a powerful reminder of all that you’ve accomplished.

Increase Frequency. When you can see all your stats in one place, you’ll want to keep up the good work by increasing the frequency of your fitness sessions.

Stay Motivated. It can be immensely rewarding to look back and see how far you’ve gotten. Your enthusiasm will be fueled by real progress, which will make it easier on days when you find yourself dragging your feet.

It All Adds Up

Using a device or journal can help you achieve a more active and healthier lifestyle. Whether during workouts or in your daily routine, find ways to move more, and take pride when you see it recorded.

A notable study suggests if you track your fitness progress towards a specific goal you’ll be more likely to achieve it. Start Monday and monitor your progress all week!