Use Monday to Integrate Low-Impact Exercise into Your Routine

Even the simplest movements and exercises can benefit your health. This Monday, incorporate some low-impact exercises into your day.

It turns out movement, no matter how limited, has big impacts on your overall mental and physical health. Evidence shows regular exercise prevents bone loss, increases muscle flexibility, and reduces incidences of heart disease, hypertension, and other chronic conditions.

Start gentle, end gentle. It’s important to take your time easing into and out of a fitness session. Gently warm-up before you begin and cool-down when you’re done. This tells your body it’s time to do some exercise!


Walking is simply one of the easiest and lowest impact ways to get moving. It has countless benefits and it’s real exercise. Walking improves flexibility, makes muscles stronger, improves cardiovascular function, eases tension, and much more. It’s one of the best ways to accomplish your Move It Monday fitness goals.


Suit up and go for a gentle swim. Being in the water provides buoyancy so there is less weight on your joints, which minimizes injury. Take a swimming class, find a swimming buddy, or join a swim group.

Chair Exercises

Strengthening your core is fundamental to building your muscles and regaining your range of motion. Simple yet sophisticated chair exercises are a low-impact exercise you can do from a chair while watching a video on the internet. Here’s a video to consider: Core Strengthening for Seniors.

A low-impact fitness plan can strengthen muscles, improve recovery from illness or injury, and put you in a good mood. Use Monday to try some low-impact exercises then make the time to try it again throughout your week. Every step counts!