When it Comes to Fitting in Your Walk, Get Creative

You don’t have to do your 30 minutes of daily physical activity all in one shot. Find creative ways to incorporate more walking into your normal routine.

Daily physical activity is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, and it is recommended that able-bodied adults get in at least 30 minutes of exercise — whether it be walking, jogging, running, weight training, or dance — five days a week.

However, you don’t have to do 30 minutes of physical activity all in one shot. On the contrary, many times it is easier and more convenient to work in those low-intensity movements throughout the day. We know what you’re thinking: How am I going to fit in into my busy schedule? Well, you’ve got to get creative, but don’t worry, we’ve already done most of the leg work for you.

One of the best ways to bolster your step count is to incorporate as much walking into your daily routine as possible. For example, when you’re out and about, try parking farther away from the office, grocery store, barbershop, etc.; you’d be surprised how many steps you can accrue making this one adjustment. Socializing with friends or family is another great opportunity to get moving: The next time you plan to meet someone for coffee, take that cup-of-joe to-go and walk while you talk.

Even shopping can be a source of physical activity; forget Amazon and head to the mall where you can briskly stroll from store to store.  And let’s say the weather is dark or damp or just dreary, well, there’s an easy solution — get your walk in at home. The next time you’re tidying up, preparing a meal, or streaming Netflix, consider taking an additional lap or two around the house. If you’re able to use your stairs without discomfort, go up and down a couple extra times.

This Monday, use your imagination and think about how you can effortlessly add more steps to your daily routine.