Caregiver Monday Returns

We are happy to announce the revival of Caregiver Monday, a program dedicated to supporting the self-care of 65 million family caregivers by offering weekly health and wellness practices, research, and collaborative activities through partner organizations. Led by Sherri Snelling, a caregiving expert and corporate gerontologist, The Caregiver Monday program will be offered through Caregiving Club, a leading organization founded by Snelling that calls attention to the issues facing caregivers by offering practical health, wellness and resource-based information.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, family caregivers are under additional stress, but they remain the nation’s largest volunteer health army, providing a staggering amount of the long-term health needs in the country. As the nation continues to fight a pandemic where aging adults are most at risk, many of the side-effects of this pressure has fallen on the shoulders of caretakers. Caregiver Monday is a powerful initiative that can help alleviate the stress and depression of these uncertain times.

Every monthCaregiver Monday will distribute a themed article with evidence-based research information on specific topics related to caregiver self-care, as well as provide weekly practices and health promotions related to that monthly theme. Organizations supporting the campaign can access these materials on the updated Caregiver Monday site.