Start Your Week with #GoodNewsMonday

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It is during challenging times that people display an incredible capacity for compassion, sacrifice, empathy, and love. To bring attention to these inspirational acts, we’re sharing a weekly roundup every Monday, featuring our favorite good-news stories here on our website and through our social media accounts: @healthymonday @destressmonday @moveitmonday @meatlessmonday @kidscookmonday

And we invite you to do the same.

Use the hashtag #GoodNewsMonday to highlight any uplifting stories, useful resources, or promising scientific advancements in the fight against coronavirus, and help start the week with a healthful dose of the positive. Research shows that positivity can reverberate far beyond your immediate social circle, impacting the lives of people you may never meet. Social media networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter have the power to amplify a message and spread it to every corner of the globe. Remember, it only takes one share or post to potentially turn someone’s day around.

So, in the spirit of lifting each other up, let’s make every Monday a #GoodNewsMonday.