By now, we have all heard about the many dangers of cigarette smoking. Countless studies and decades of research have shown deadly habit raises the risk of lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and many other life-threatening conditions.

However, the problem with quitting isn’t the why; it’s the when. Because after a few relapses it’s easy to feel defeated and deflated. But did you know that it normally takes 30 or more quit attempts before a person is successful?

The Quit & Stay Quit Monday approach to tobacco cessation improves your chances of a successful quit by integrating a Monday cue — think of it as a weekly reminder — to recommit to your quit. If you slip up during the week, you can just get back on track the following Monday.

But why Monday?

Monday is viewed as a “fresh start,” with research showing that people are more likely to stop smoking on Monday compared to any other day of the week. QSQM supports this “Monday effect” with weekly materials and practices to help individuals identify triggers, find and build a support team, deal with cravings, and use positive thinking and deep breathing to keep cool. There’s also the Quit & Stay Quit Monday Check-In Tool, which can be used week-after-week to uncover more useful practices to help you progress along any stage of the quit journey.

This Monday, sign-up for the weekly QSQM newsletter and become a member of the Monday quitters movement. You’ll be joining a community of likeminded individuals who are all committed to a long-lasting quit.