Kick Cravings by Staying Busy

Keeping your mouth, mind, and body busy can help you overcome cravings. Here are five things to do when you feel the urge to smoke.


Dehydration can lead to anxiety. Stay cool and collected and keep your hands busy with a glass of water.

Eat a Healthy Snack

A busy mouth doesn’t have space for a cigarette. Eat a healthy snack and overcome the urge to smoke.


Kick cravings with a few minutes of calming meditation. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

Call a Quit Buddy or Quitline

A couple of kind words can go a long way to subdue the urge for a smoke. Don’t be afraid to phone a friend (or quitline).

Take a Walk

Step outside when cravings hit for an easy way to unwind. Get some fresh air with a stroll around the block.