Intro to Quitting

Quitting smoking is difficult – there’s no way around it. We know that for many quitters it may take dozens of attempts before finally kicking the habit for good. But it all starts with that first step. So why not take it this Monday? By becoming a member of the Monday quit movement, smokers join a community of likeminded individuals committed to overcoming their dependence on tobacco and living a healthier life.

The Intro to Quitting package is a 12-week series designed to help individuals prepare for their quit. Every Monday, users can prepare for or continue their quit journey with a practice or article related to a different aspect of tobacco cessation, ranging from finding motivation and managing emotions to using affirmations and understanding body changes. With each new week, individuals will be able to see their progress in real time, and if they ever get off track, there’s always next Monday to recommit.

Download the Intro to Quitting Package

Intro to Quitting Package

Download all the tips and graphics in our Intro to Quitting package.

Start Your Quit Journey

Quit smoking on Monday – it’s the perfect day to begin a smoke-free life. It seems Monday is the day people will most likely engage in healthy behaviors. So, why wait until a birthday, anniversary, or New Year’s to quit smoking when you have a Monday right around the corner?
When you use every Monday as a chance to quit smoking, you’ll be amazed at all you get back.
Improve your chances of quitting by focusing your energy on the reasons why you are quitting. This Monday, make a list of the motivating factors that are driving you to quit smoking.
To quit smoking is a tremendous undertaking, but with the right tools, mindset, and strategy, anyone can conquer the habit. There are a number of ways you can set yourself up for a sustained quit, but these methods can be made more effective when paired with a Food and Dr...
This Monday, reach out to a counselor or medical professional for a fresh take on moving ahead! It’s important to find the support that works for you.
Prepare yourself for all the physical symptoms you’ll experience when you stop smoking cigarettes — the good, the bad, and the jitters.
When you decide to quit smoking, set a quit date to go smokefree. The date will serve as your commitment to get healthy, create a goal, and jump-start the motivation you need to quit. We’ve got some great ideas to help you get started.
This Monday, make a quit buddy! Take a moment to think about someone in your life who wants to quit. It could be the perfect time to reach out and make a partnership where you support each other’s quit.
Experiencing a range of emotions is a normal part of the human experience, but these swings are exacerbated after you quit smoking cigarettes.
There’s no doubt, quitting smoking is hard, particularly in a social setting. Make this Monday about being prepared to face your social triggers to make it easier.
An affirmation is positive messaging that you can repeat to yourself during times of internal crisis. Repeat these mini mantras to yourself to help react and manage cravings when they inevitably strike.
Even if you’ve slipped up once or twice over the course of the month, you’ve still made monumental progress — and now it’s time to reap the rewards.