Keep Your Hands Busy to Stay Quit on Monday

Fidgety? Your hands need a new job now that you’ve committed to quit smoking! Use Monday to get some ideas to keep your hands busy.

Instead of reaching for cigarettes, make a plan for your hands. Here are some ideas for keeping your hands busy and your mind distracted:

Read. Hold a book and get lost in a great story or re-read your favorite books.

Draw. Do you like to draw, doodle, or color? Buy some colored pencils and get in touch with your creative side.

Squeeze a No Smoking Stress Ball. A stress ball is something you can take with you wherever you go: work, outings, home. Some balls even have inspirational and positive messages printed on them to keep you motivated.

Spin Something. You’ll find relief when you play with a fidget spinner, turn a quarter, or spin a pen.

Learn a New Hobby. You may need a little magic to distract your hands. Learn some magic tricks to dazzle the children in your life. Or, maybe it’s time to learn how to knit. Make a scarf for someone special (like a quit buddy).

See the infographic on this page for more ideas to keep your hands busy. Monday is about achieving progress on your path to quit and stay quit. Use this Monday to recognize challenges and feel confident because you’ve already got the answers! Learn more strategies to include in your plan to quit and stay quit on Facebook or Twitter!