Are you motivated to quit? Motivation is what spurs us to do the things we do. Scientists studying motivation and quitting smoking say repeated, brief, reminders work. Focusing on your reasons for quitting can be a powerful tool for sticking to your quit.

Here’s a quick, easy tip:

List your motivations.

Lists are great. They help you prioritize and make clear what’s important. Create your list and review it every day. This will motivate you! List all the reasons you want to quit. Do you want to be healthier? Is it for your kids? Are you sick of climbing the stairs and running out of breath? Do you want to save money? If you’re dating, is there someone you want to impress?

Put your list to work.

Look at your list daily. Let it help you remember why you’re quitting and staying quit. Enter your motivation list into your phone so it pops up in reminders throughout your day. Put your top five motivations on Post-Its and stick them in different places at home, in the car, and in the office. From your list of motivations, create screensavers on your phone, and home and work computers.

Start a motivation list on Monday. Make it a habit to view your list every day. It will support you in your quit, help renew your resolve, and encourage you to be enthusiastic about your quit!

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