Use a Motivation List to Quit and Stay Quit

For many tobacco users, it may take 30 or more quit attempts before finding lasting success.

But there are steps you can take along the way to improve your chances of quitting; one of which is to focus your energy on the reasons why you are quitting. This Monday, make a list of the motivating factors that are driving you to quit smoking.

But where do you start? Your list can be as simple as naming the people close to you who are impacted by your smoking. Next, concentrate on yourself. Cigarette smoking affects everything from your health, to your finances, to the smell of your clothes, hair, and furniture; it may even hurt your pets, so consider how smoking is preventing you from attaining your personal and professional goals?

Once you’ve created a list, put it to work. Look at your list daily to help remind you of why you’re quitting. Try adding your list to your phone, or set up sticky notes around your house, car, or computer monitor. You can also try turning your motivations into mini-mantras that you can repeat to beat-back cravings.

This Monday, let your motivations and goals propel you toward a successful quit.

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