Sign Up for the Urgent Self Care Email Series

Urgent Self-Care is an 8-week series delivering two new self-care practices every Monday.

Sign up for the email series using the form below and every Monday morning you’ll receive an email with a two new practices and supporting articles, one you can use when you need support in the moment and one you can practice when you have spare time at home. The series ends after 8 weeks, so participants’ inboxes won’t be cluttered with unwanted emails. At the end, they can choose to end their participation or continue with other Healthy Monday programs.

You can use the weekly email to support your own self-care goals or share it with friends and coworkers to help encourage people in your network to start their week with healthy habits.

If you’d like to start the series immediately, simply select “Yes” at the end of the form, and you’ll be subscribed automatically, receiving your first week’s practice this coming Monday (if you’re signing up on a Monday, you’ll receive your first email right away). If you want to delay your start, select “No” and choose a date when you would like to begin.