DeStress Monday at School

The Monday Refresh

The DeStress Monday at School program is designed to be practiced by teachers and students on Mondays. Why Monday? Because studies show people view Monday as a fresh start and are more likely to try new behaviors on Monday and follow through on healthy intentions the rest of the week. Find out more about the Healthy Monday Refresh by watching our video below:

The practices in the DeStress Monday at School program highlight different elements of the DeStress Monday Refresh:

Before diving into the full DeStress Monday at School curriculum, we recommend teachers take a moment to sit quietly and refresh their minds with this simple practice:

  1. Breathe. Focus on your breathing to settle your mind.
  2. Be Mindful. Let go of thoughts about the past and worries about the future. Be in the moment.
  3. Shift to the Positive. Detach from any harmful feelings and redirect your thinking to be positive.
  4. Get Moving. Stay positive by staying active! Even a simple walk can boost your endorphophins.


Full Curriculum

See the full DeStress Monday at School Curriculum