Share the Love

Love takes many forms: a smile, a hug, a postcard, a kiss, a kind word, a thoughtful gift, a selfless act.

But we are often too preoccupied with the minutia our daily lives, dragged down by the details and the minor frustrations, that we tend to forget that these simple expressions of love can alter the course of someone’s day, week, or life. Love is a powerful fuel that you can use to propel your family, friends, and even strangers through the challenge of the moment. Be generous with it, you never know who is in need.

Many times, a phone call or text message is enough to remind the people in your life that you care and are thinking about them, but it’s impossible to reach everyone.

That’s why we created this gloriously gleeful GIF to help you share the love with your social media network. Use Destress Monday as a day to make love go viral. Simply share the GIF below to your social media network and see the love spread.