Healthy Monday’s Game for Health

Gather around the table everyone; it’s time to play Game for Health! Not sure how to play? Don’t worry, the rules are easy:

Game for Health lasts 12 weeks and is a fun way to reach your wellness goals. Each week you’ll learn a new skill (delivered to your inbox) related to either physical activity, stress management or healthy eating, with the challenge to try it that week. As you master each week’s challenge, you move one step closer to a healthier you. Simple, right?

So what about winning?

In Game for Health, the goal is to better yourself—not beat an opponent. That means there is no winning or losing. Just by playing, you’re already taking a major step toward a healthier lifestyle. That being said, if you make it through all 12 weeks and complete every challenge then you will win an incredibly gratifying feeling of accomplishment!  

Want to get started? Sign up today to get the game going and share Game for Health with family, friends, or co-workers so you can all play together.

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