5 Easy Ways to Take Your Move It Monday Exercises Indoors

Tis the season for indoor workouts. Exercise and unwind from the comfort of home.

The holiday season makes exercising a bit more difficult: it’s cold, you’re on the road, there’s cookies everywhere…but that doesn’t mean you need to temporarily abandon your fitness routine. In fact, there are many ways to stay active during the holidays that don’t involve going outside at all.

A home workout has tons of benefits, like saving you time and money and giving you more privacy and flexibility. Plus, a home workout is also a great way to involve your family and friends. So when the turkey is in the oven and the football game is on commercial break, try fitting in a few minutes of movement. You’ll be surprised at how good it can make you feel.

This Monday, learn all the different ways you can work out indoors with our list of low-impact exercise ideas appropriate for all ages and ability levels.


Indoor Walking

Up your step count with some indoor walking. Try going through the living room, up and down stairs, or taking a few laps in your home or apartment hallway. Not at home? Not a problem. When you’re out getting groceries for the holiday meal or at the mall picking up gifts, try going around the store a couple extra times for extra cardio.


Yoga is a great activity during the holidays for a few reasons: it keeps you active, calms you down, and gives kids something to do. Explore some of these family yoga sessions, or carve out your own time for self-care with few minutes of simple chair yoga.

Kitchen Workouts

Preparing for the holiday festivities typically requires a lot of kitchen time, but when your vegetables are roasting in the oven or your sauce is thickening on the stovetop, you’ll have a few minutes to sneak in a quick kitchen workout. Counter-top pushups, stove squats, and lateral pan raises can give you a pretty thorough full-body workout.

Move It Habit StackingHabit Stack

The idea behind habit stacking is simple: add a new behavior to your daily schedule by “stacking it” on top of an existing habit. So, if you’re making coffee in the morning, do a few sets of jumping jacks while it brews; or if you’re watching television as a family, do a couple of push-ups each commercial break . The possibilities are endless.

Body weight exercises

Bodyweight exercises, also known as calisthenics, are beneficial to people of all ability levels and can be done inside with no equipment and very little time – which is at a premium during the holidays. Check out these useful bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere.


For more ways to fit in fitness at home, check out these 7 ways to get fit without a gym.