Unwind with a Family Yoga Session

Breathe, stretch, smile, and relax together with yoga

Yoga is the ideal indoor-exercise. Requiring only a few square feet of space, yoga’s low-impact movements help support both the physical and mental wellbeing of you and your family.

What sets yoga apart from other forms of exercise is that it can be practiced by people of all different ages and fitness levels. Even with minimal experience, you’ll start feeling the benefits almost immediately, which is why a daily family yoga session is key to keeping everyone spry, stress-free, and occupied.

Keeping everyone in control of their bodies is a key element of yoga, especially when younger children are participating. For families, we recommend form a circle and start with some basic standing poses like tree pose and warrior pose.

For the tree pose, stand on one leg and make a triangle with your other by raising your knee and foot until the sole rests just below the knee of your standing leg. After you find your balance, reach your arms up above you like the branches of a tree and look ahead. Hold and return to starting position (check out the illustration to see the tree pose in action).

For the warrior pose, spread your feet a bit wider than your shoulders so that your body makes a triangle. While looking ahead, turn your left foot 90 degrees and raise both arms to the sky. Swivel your right arm forward and your left arm back, and extend and bend your left knee over your ankle, letting your hips sink gently toward the floor. Look in the direction of the bent knee and hold for five seconds (click here to see the pose).

And remember, it’s okay to lose your balance; yoga is a continuous learning process that, with practice, will lead to improved confidence, concentration, and ability.

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