This Monday Recommit to Your Routine to Reduce Your Stress Level

Activities That Reduce Stress Levels

While many may dismiss stress as just part of life, it’s actually known as a ‘silent killer’ as a result of the negative health outcomes it can trigger. Now is the time to listen to what your stress is saying before it stresses you out. This Monday, reconnect to your plan to stay fit and keep moving in order to reduce your stress level.

Having a full life is a blessing but it can also be stressful. You’re not alone: two-thirds of Americans are stressed out! According to the American Psychological Society, money and work top the list for stress triggers – and even a single late night can throw sleep patterns into a flap. We’ve all been there. Fortunately for us, scientists, researchers, and doctors are intent on studying and unlocking the patterns of stress. There’s plenty of good information available that can help us to effectively reduce stress levels and have better, fuller lives.


According to experts and scientists (and your personal trainer), exercise is a fabulous stress-buster. The more sedentary you are the more stress you may have. The Mayo Clinic says that the benefits of exercise can include an improved mood, increased sense of calm, and uptick in endorphins. And studies show even short two-minute bursts of exercise 15 times a day can help you live longer – which gives new meaning to taking out the trash or a walk around the block!


The Monday Mile is a fun way to walk off stress, get exercise, and be social. Walk a mile with friends, family, or co-workers, and enjoy the positive health benefits while socializing with others. All you need is two feet and a heartbeat!

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga provides benefits to your body and mind while gently releasing stress. It can refresh your mental outlook, reduce your stress levels, and increase your flexibility, muscle strength, and respiration. Meditation continues the work that you start in a yoga session. By committing to yoga, meditation, or quiet contemplation, you allow yourself to refocus, reset, and renew for the week.

This Monday, take a deep breath, inhale, and exhale to lower your stress levels and stick to your fitness plan, guided by expert advice on exercise, walking, yoga, and meditation.