Move It Monday Continues to Gain Momentum with TV News in Portland, Oregon

KOIN 6 News, Portland, Oregon’s CBS affiliate, has been promoting their own version of the Move It Monday campaign since early 2020. Their recurring segments air most Mondays on AM Extra, encouraging viewers to start their week with a healthy dose of physical activity.

Ron Hernandez, managing director of The Monday Campaigns, joined the AM Extra hosts to share how Portlanders can Move It Monday, while adhering to current COVID safety guidelines. During their interview, Hernandez discussed why Monday is the best day to start or recommit to a new healthy habit and how The Monday Campaigns leverages this insight to help people make healthier choices throughout the week.

“Research shows that people select Monday as the day they’re most likely to start an exercise routine,” Mr. Hernandez explained. As July marks National Parks and Recreation month, he continued “Move It Monday is a really great opportunity to make a commitment to physical activity, and public parks are a great way to do that. With the social distancing in the place right now, you want to find spaces where you have an appropriate amount of space between you and the people you might be doing the activity with. Public parks are great because one of our most popular ideas is the Monday Mile. Walking a mile in a park is a great way to start off your week.”

The segment also featured different physical activities, like dancing, biking, and yoga poses that are in Move It Monday’s library of resources. Viewers were encouraged to visit the new Move It Monday website and subscribe to the weekly newsletter to create their own weekly routines.