Walk Around the Clock – Evening

Can’t squeeze a walk in before or during or after work? We’ve got you covered. You can still get in a walk later on in the day. Because no matter when you do it, walking is a good thing.

Dine and dash.

No, not eat your meal and leave without paying. Eat your meal and dash out for a walk. That is a great benefit of walking in the evening. You get to walk off your meal. A study showed that when older adults who were at risk for type-2 diabetes went for a walk after a meal, they experienced smaller blood sugar spikes in the time following the walk. How long did they walk? A mere 15 minutes.

Try a sleep walk.

Another benefit to an evening stroll is you’ll sleep better. Researchers don’t completely understand how physical activity improves sleep but, they do know that moderate aerobic exercise increases the amount of slow wave sleep. Slow wave is deep sleep, where the brain and body have a chance to rejuvenate.

Here are a few tips for an evening walk:

  • Be careful with headphones, they can prevent you from hearing traffic.
  • Take the Fido (or whatever your dog’s name is) for a walk. They need exercise too and can keep you company while out for your after-work stroll.
  • Wear reflective clothing in low light conditions. Hi-visibility jackets, pants and shoes with reflective material are a good idea if you walk at night.

More Ways to Walk Around the Clock

Our Walk Around the Clock series features ideas for fitting in a walk any time of day.