Walk Around the Clock

You know you’ve uttered the words: “But I don’t have time to work out” to yourself dozens, if not hundreds, of times.

It’s OK, you don’t need a lot of time to fit in some exercise. You only need time to move a bit.

We’re going to show you how to find a few minutes to move your body enough to make a difference. There are a few times throughout the day when you can squeeze in a walk without disrupting your schedule. Think of it as “walking around the clock.”

The Monday Mile

Walking is not only an easy way to sneak in some cardio, it’s also an underrated form of exercise. Walking is easier if you have someone to talk to, and makes it feel more like a social activity than a workout. A great way to start walking while talking is a Monday Mile. You can either join an event that’s already taking place on Mondays, or create your own with your own group of friends or colleagues.


Park your car half a mile away from your destination.

Get off the bus/subway a stop earlier and walk the extra distance.

Set your alarm 20-30 minutes earlier so you can walk before getting ready for work.


Walk to a nearby park. While you’re there, go for a walk in the park. Then of course, walk back.

You could walk in whatever footwear you happen to wear to work or school, but a better idea is to change into walking or running shoes.

You will be more consistent in walking if you have a lunchtime walking buddy. You won’t find as many excuses to skip your walk if your friend is ready to go.

After Work

If you parked your car half a mile away from your office in the morning you can now walk back to it.

Get on the bus/subway a stop later and walk the extra distance.

Start a Monday Mile that takes place during after-work hours. Morning isn’t the only time to conduct one.


Be careful with headphones, they can prevent you from hearing traffic.

Take the Fido (or whatever your dog’s name is) for a walk. They need exercise too and can keep you company while out for your after-work stroll.

Wear reflective clothing in low light conditions. Hi-visibility jackets, pants and shoes with reflective material are a good idea if you walk at night.


Try and walk early in the day so that when things pop up unexpectedly, they don’t ruin your chance to exercise.

Check out walking events near you.