Walk Around the Clock – Weekend

Walking isn’t just a weekday activity. Weekends are a great time to go for a walk. For starters, you don’t have things like work and picking up / dropping off the kids consuming huge chunks of your day.

You also have the time to go for a walk at location that isn’t near your home or office.

Hit the dirt

On weekends you can chose a dirt trail as the place to go for a walk. The obvious added benefit here is the scenery. Exercising in nature can have a greater effect on physical and mental well-being than exercising indoors.

Take a long walk

Since walking during the weekend usually means having more time to complete the activity, it is the perfect time to get in a longer walk. When walking long remember to keep hydrated and you might also want to fuel up during the walk (snacks, protein bars, etc.).

Here are a few tips for a weekend walk:

  • Try and walk early in the day so that when things pop up unexpectedly, they don’t ruin your chance to exercise.
  • Check out walking events near you.

More Ways to Walk Around the Clock

Our Walk Around the Clock series features ideas for fitting in a walk any time of day.