Monday Mood Boosters

After a long weekend, it’s easy to wake up Monday morning feeling tired and unmotivated. But more often than not, all you need is a little boost to get back on track. And we’re not talking about an extra strong cup of coffee. By concentrating on your inner wellbeing, you can help draw up the strength and energy necessary to power you through the week.

The Monday Mood Boosters package is a 12-week series that offers users a unique practice every Monday that can help boost focus, energy, and outlook. A combination of movement, meditation, visualizations, and mental exercises can help relieve tension in both the body and mind, clearing space for positivity and productive thinking. This Monday, make moves for your mood.

Download the Monday Mood Boosters Package

Monday Mood Boosters

Download all the graphics, GIFs, and other materials in our Monday Mood Boosters package.

Boost Your Mood this Monday

DeStress Improve Mood Feature
Sometimes moods are hard to shake. They can linger like fog and make it hard to see your way. Use this Monday to pivot towards the positive. Here are four unique ways to let the sun shine through.
If you’re feeling a little low energy or having trouble focusing, try this easy one-minute controlled breathing exercise you can do anywhere and anytime.
DeStress Home Office feature
Working from risks blending the critical line that divides your work from your personal life. Creating a dedicated home workspace can help reestablish those boundaries and make your job more enjoyable.
Physical activity is a key component of a healthy lifestyle, but regular movement—whether it’s dance, running, tennis, or yoga—can also have an immediate impact on your mental health and wellbeing.
Did you know that engaging in creative activities, such as coloring, drawing, dancing, and singing, can help you reduce stress and anxiety? This Monday, try drawing or coloring to get a creative start to the week
What if the physical act of smiling actually had a positive effect on your brain? Research says that it just might! Start this Monday with a smile to give your brain a pick-me-up!
This Monday, learn how you can you can strengthen your resilience by focusing on self-care, creating a support network, talking through your feelings, and refreshing your positive intentions.
Start your day with the sun salutation yoga routine to welcome the new week and refresh your mind and body!
You need the right exercises to relieve stress and you need to face whatever is bringing negativity into your life head on. Combine the two with this breathing visualization exercise.
Tai Chi is for all fitness levels. Here are two easy beginner poses you can try for five minutes to get a feel for it. Join the movements with your breath to feel calmer, more collected, and centered.
This DeStress Monday, look to spread kindness throughout the community. Think about your daily routine, and imagine how you can boost the spirits of the people you see along the way.
Move It Salsa Feature
We dance to celebrate, to express ourselves, and to have fun, but dance can also be used as a way to relax, let loose, and get in shape. Through dance and movement, we shift focus away from our limitations and remind ourselves to be grateful for all of our physical capabi...