Healthy Aging

Aging is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to disrupt or detract from a person’s quality of life. An individual can preserve a high standard of living and maintain their independence if they take the proper steps to manage their health responsibly. Research shows that factors such as physical activity, healthy eating, tobacco cessation, quality sleep, regular visits to a physician, and community participation can all help promote healthy aging and improve the chances of optimal health later in life.

The Healthy Monday Healthy Aging Package is a 12-week series designed to help address the natural changes that come with age. Each week, users will be introduced to a different method for healthy aging, including low-impact exercises, simple techniques for stress management, easy plant-based recipes, and tips to improve sleep quality. Users are recommended to start from the beginning of the Healthy Monday practices listed below, or they can focus on the specific health behaviors they want to integrate into their routine.

Healthy Monday Healthy Aging Package

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Start Practicing Healthy Aging with Healthy Monday Habits

This Monday, make an appointment to meet with your doctor and make sure you leave knowing these core four measurements of health.

Simple activities such as walking, gardening, or even climbing a few extra flights of stairs can positively impact your overall health.

Nearly every culture around the world has developed their own unique forms of stress management, but with so many different methods and approaches available, how do you know which one is right for you?

Eating more fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains can help you stay healthy and live longer. Start eating healthier with Meatless Monday with the help of our informative guide.

Don’t let that hard-core runner convince you otherwise: Walking is real exercise. This Monday learn the short and long term health benefits of walking.

This Monday, begin the week by deciding to give yourself some well-deserved attention. These tiny time-outs will make a big difference in helping you feel more relaxed, focused and rejuvenated.

Meatless cooking is always an exciting adventure, so get started this Monday with our best meatless recipes for people who want to eat more plants.

SMART Move It Feature

When it comes to staying healthy and active, exercise is a necessity, but repeating the same workouts week after week can get monotonous. That’s why it’s important to periodically update your personal fitness routine using the SMART approach.

Sleep Ritual Feature

Although we may be aware of the consequences of getting too little sleep, that doesn’t make going to bed any simpler. Thankfully, there are proven methods to improve the duration and quality of your sleep.

Make Meatless Monday easy with our suggested recipes (including ‘no cook’ ideas), meal plans, and shopping lists to get you started or to spice up your regular routine.

Planks, jumping jacks, mountain climbers – when you do them together it can be more fun, more challenging, and science says, better for you. Build a routine on Monday with some fresh ideas for group fitness.

We encounter so many people throughout the day—the barista at the local coffee shop, the crossing guard on the corner, the cashier, customers, coworkers, our barber—that there are ample opportunities to spread comfort, kindness, and compassion.