Healthy Monday for Community Health

A strong community can help you take on new challenges, overcome obstacles, and stay committed to your long-term wellness goals. But what if you don’t belong to any particular group or social circle? Well, just look around, because communities come in limitless shapes and sizes. Your family, friends, colleagues, coworkers, neighbors, fellow congregants, dance buddies, softball team, or knitting club are all examples of different types of communities that you can use as sources of support and motivation during good times and bad.

The Healthy Monday Community Health Package is a 6-week series designed to help users of all ages and ability levels engage in healthy behaviors as a group. Practices include a broad range of materials, ranging from big-batch cooking tips to community yoga to spreading positivity beyond your immediate social circle. This Monday, find power in each other.

Healthy Monday Community Healthy Package

Download all the materials in our Community Health package by clicking the link below.

Get Healthy Together

Black Bean Veggie Hash
Cooking is a joy, but making every meal from scratch can get tedious, not to mention time consuming. And that’s where big-batch cooking comes in. We’ve created a list of plant-based recipes that are well suited for families (and leftovers).
It’s always better to give rather than receive, especially when it comes to compassion. A small act of kindness, a compliment, a sign of appreciation has the power to immediately transform someone’s outlook.
Planks, jumping jacks, mountain climbers – when you do them together it can be more fun, more challenging, and science says, better for you. Build a routine on Monday with some fresh ideas for group fitness.
Explore kid-friendly meatless meals the whole family will enjoy. Plus tips and tricks to help kids love veggie meals.
Deep inhale, big exhale, stretch, and relax! Try some family yoga on Monday. It will give your kids a new channel for their energy, reduce stress, and bring everyone a little lasting peace.
Doing good makes you feel good. This Monday, consider joining a charity event that gets you moving and giving back.