5 Healthy Ways to Connect with Family when Life Gets Busy

Fitting in family time can be fun. Have fun together while promoting healthy habits.

It’s good to be busy. Whether we’re talking playdates, household chores, after-school sports, or music lessons, filling the week with activities keeps us content and motivated.

But carving out time with the family is equally important. Dedicated family time can help strengthen a child’s confidence levels, self-esteem, communication skills, and academic performance. It can also be used to establish healthy habits and routines that emphasize physical fitness, stress reduction, and smart food choices.

Although fitting in family time isn’t always easy, there are numerous ways you can connect with the family when things get busy—and many of the options don’t require venturing too far beyond your living room or backyard.


Take a Family Walk

Whether it’s around the block, through the park, or into the woods, an outdoor family walk can help the whole family stay physically active while spending time together. Being exposed to the sights, sounds, and smells of nature is a therapeutic experience that can also help kids learn about their natural surroundings while disconnecting from technology.


Listen to a Guided Meditation

A guided meditation can calm jumpy nerves, reduce stress, improve self-esteem, and broaden imagination. It’s also a great way to squeeze in 10-15 minutes of silence! A well-constructed guided meditation takes you on a journey while holding your attention and silencing the noise of the outside world.


Have a Family Dance Party

Turn the music up, clear the furniture out of the living room, and get to grooving. A family dance party brings the whole team together and gets the heart pumping. Designate 15-30 minutes on Monday night to dancing around the house. Everyone can pick a song or each family member can create their own weekly playlist.


Cook a Healthy Meal

A home-cooked meal can be so much more than a means to fill bellies. Cooking a healthy plant-based meal as a family teaches children basic culinary skills, while exposing them to different ingredients. When kids participate in the preparation of a meal, they’re more likely to try exotic or different foods and flavors, and this can mean healthier eating as they grow into adults.


Skygaze in the Park or Yard

Whether you’re staring at clouds or stars, skygazing is a fun and soothing way for the whole family to tap into their imaginations. Dedicate some time during the weekend for a trip to the park and look out at the different shapes moving across the sky. Bring snacks or a picnic lunch to make it a whole afternoon affair. You can also go to a field or clearing at night to check out the stars for another awe-inspiring activity.

Looking for more healthy family activities?

Our Healthy Monday for the Family package offers simple and effective practices to help everyone get active, stay calm, and eat better. And the best part is that these activities can be seamlessly incorporated into the week without disrupting existing schedules or routines.