Healthy Monday for the Family

For parents, there’s nothing more important than the health of their family. But while it remains a top priority for most, family wellness is not always so easy to put into practice. Factors such as time, resources, and know-how can make it difficult to promote healthy habits throughout the week. And with so many devices and distractions competing for everyone’s attention, carving out the necessary time to focus on the family’s physical and mental wellbeing can be even more challenging.

The Healthy Monday for the Family Package is meant to address these concerns by providing simple and effective practices that focus on physical activity, stress-relief, and healthy eating. The six-week series can help ease both children and parents into a healthy lifestyle without disrupting normal schedules or routines. From nature walks to skygazing to collaborative cooking, there are plenty of fun ways to start the week with wellness in mind.

Download the Healthy Monday for the Family Package

The Healthy Monday for the Family Package

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Get Healthy as a Family this Monday

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