Meatless Monday Challenge for Organizational Partners

Promoting the Meatless Monday Challenge is a simple way to engage employees in an easy health and sustainability program at no-cost. 

The 12-week challenge is easy to activate and includes weekly tips, recipes, and flexible activities that can easily fit into any workplace environment, lifestyle, or cuisine preferences.

Employees will receive weekly emails with different ‘challenges’ (very simple) that will help them ease into eating less meat, cooking plant-based meals, and adding more fruits, veggies, and healthy options into their weekly routine.

Sample weekly challenges include:

  • Trying plant-based proteins
  • Adding more vegetables to your meals
  • Raiding your pantry to make cheap plant-based meals
  • Learning basic ‘no recipe’ and ‘no-cook’ plant-based meals

Tips to engage employees and promote a company-wide Meatless Monday Challenge: 

  • Download the Meatless Monday Challenge marketing materials to promote the program (social media assets, videos, GIFs, and sample communications). ACCESS HERE 
  • Promote the challenge and encourage employee sign-ups using company communications channels, such as email, intranet, social media, posters or promotion via wellness/sustainability groups. Contact the Meatless Monday team [email protected] for access to 12 weeks of email content.
  • Use the sample Meatless Monday Challenge employee sign-up email script below.
  • Start a company-wide challenge and send weekly emails to all employees.
  • Share the Challenge info with links to the sign-up page with employees.
  • Promote your commitment to health and sustainability by adding your company logo to our Challenge website.
  • Send employees the pre and post-surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of the program in helping to reduce meat consumption. Email [email protected] for a custom company survey link.
  • If you have an office cafeteria, contact the foodservice director about adding Meatless Monday promotions and meals. Here are tips and marketing guides to help promote Meatless Monday at work. More free resources.
  • Create a short list of local restaurants that serve plant-based menu items and provide it to employees and challenge groups.
  • Use an employee engagement or group challenge app/website to create a workplace challenge. Examples include: DiemLife and Wellness 360
  • Share Meatless Monday articles, recipes, tips, and other resources every Monday.
  • Use this calculator to assess the environmental savings at the end of the program.
  • Host a “Meatless Monday Lunch and Learn” to sample meatless foods and learn about the benefits of plant-based eating or watch a food-related documentary.
  • Encourage employees to take the challenge with friends and family.
  • Follow @MeatlessMonday and use #MeatlessMonday to post photos and videos of weekly meals.

To create a custom co-branded Meatless Monday Challenge, please contact us at [email protected]

Sample Sign-up Campaign Email to Employees

Want to eat healthier, help the planet, or learn about plant-based foods?

Join COMPANY NAME’s new health and sustainability program: The Meatless Monday Challenge. It is a delicious, nutritious, and EASY way to kick-start a healthier eating habit that also helps the planet.

This 12-week challenge is easy to follow and super flexible, so you’ll have no problem finding meals that you enjoy and that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. You don’t need to be an avid cook or kale-lover to participate, Meatless Monday is for meat lovers, veggie lovers, and everyone in between.

Sign-up for the challenge to receive weekly emails that will help you ease into adding more plant-based meals to your routine. You’ll receive everything you need to succeed, including recipes, tips, flexible and no-cook ideas, eating plans, and even fast food options.

Pro tip: start a Meatless Monday Challenge group with colleagues to help keep you motivated, share favorite recipes, and enjoy team Meatless Monday lunches.

Why Meatless Monday? It’s good for you and the planet.

For your health

  • Eating less meat and more plant-based foods can improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Skipping even a half serving of meat every day and replacing it with a plant protein can decrease your risk of getting type 2 diabetes.
  • Substituting plant-based foods for meat can help you maintain a healthy weight.

For the planet

  • Producing ONE quarter-pound beef burger uses up enough energy to power an iPhone for 6 months.
  • Livestock production creates more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector combined – all the cars, trucks, planes, and trains in the world.
  • Producing ONE quarter-pound beef burger uses 425 gallons of water – enough water to fill 10 bathtubs.

Join millions of #MeatlessMonday followers and see how satisfying plant-based eating can be.

In partnership with Meatless Monday, a global movement that promotes health and sustainability through plant-based eating, starting one day a week. Scientific and nutritional advisors: Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future.