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Can beans really change the world? Meatless Monday and Slow Food think so. And that’s why we developed a Global Bean Promotion that gathers farmers, chefs and mayors to showcase their town’s local beans and celebrate plant-based culinary traditions. This Global Bean Promotion can be launched in any town or community to: 

  • Promote local, biodiverse plant-based foods
  • Support local farmers 
  • Address climate change
  • Improve community health 
  • Drive tourism

View the Italian version here.

But why beans?

We believe that beans are the sustainable protein of the future. Celebrating the numerous environmental and health benefits of beans  is not only delicious, but can also support and help to achieve many of the Sustainable Development Goals such as:

Environmentally friendly, beans use dramatically less water, land, and petroleum than livestock, and they don’t pollute the planet with harmful byproducts like methane, and other greenhouse gases. 

Beans are also a nutritional powerhouse providing the daily requirement of protein and fiber, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, aiding weight loss, promoting bone health, and are an excellent source of phytochemicals and antioxidants. 


How does the Global Bean Promotion work?

  • Any size town can get involved in the Global Bean Promotion.
  • City leaders invite chefs and farmers to share the story of their local bean, along with a special, traditional plant-based recipe – which can then be shared on social media and in local media. 
  • On Meatless Monday, bean dishes are promoted in the town’s schools, hospitals, restaurants, markets, canteens, and other public institutions.
  • Citizens are encouraged to celebrate beans at home by sharing favorite recipes and meals together.
  • The Slow Food/Meatless Monday team will add your town to the Global Bean Trail, a map which includes links to your local story and recipes, highlighting city leaders, chefs, farmers and citizens. 
  • Recipes may be used on various media channels, reaching millions of plant-based enthusiasts around the world.

Get involved in today and put your town on the map. Together we can change the world, one bean at a time. To get started and for additional information contact [email protected].

Interested in getting your local bean on the global map to support health and sustainability? Sign up today for the Global Bean Promotion and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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