How to Help Provide Food Relief to the People of Ukraine

As the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues, groups around the world are showing their support for the Ukrainian people. Governments, non-profits, and local communities are all doing their best to help provide basic needs, such as food, medicine, and shelter to those suffering from these unimaginable hardships.

But individuals are contributing to the cause as well, offering whatever services or funds they can. They inspire us to lend our support for those suffering in Ukraine. One such example is Slava Dutchak, a Virginia woman who raises money for Ukraine by holding borscht cooking classes. She calls borscht “the most Ukrainian thing there is.” Partnering with local businesswoman Radhika Murari, Dutchak is teaching others to cook the traditional beet soup through online classes.

Slava and Radhika have helped raise almost $200,000 so far. Dutchak is also baking cookies and selling them through her Instagram page, Honey Love Cakery, to raise funds for Ukraine.  Together, these two women have contributed to the cause of Chef Jose Andres’s World Central Kitchen. He has been working in Ukraine, Romania and Poland to help feed those who have been displaced by the conflict.

What can you do to help? Consider donating to these organizations working to supply food and other necessities to Ukrainians in need.