Meatless Monday Advocate Eric Adams is the New Mayor of New York City

New York City is about to get a lot healthier. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has been elected the 110th mayor of New York City, running on a platform that focuses on improving preventative care, teaching healthy habits, making school lunches healthier, and closing racial health gaps.

“I’m going to be a broccoli mayor,” said Adams, who went vegan after being diagnosed with diabetes.

In his book, Healthy at LastAdams explains how he was able to reverse his diabetes diagnosis by increasing his amount of weekly exercise and switching to a diet consisting of mostly whole foods and plant-based ingredients. Adams emphasizes that diet and exercise are two sides of the same coin, and that making small adjustments to what you eat can positively impact other areas of your life.

Eric Adams serves up a Meatless Monday meal at the launch of the program at NYC Health + Hospitals
Eric Adams serves up a Meatless Monday meal at the launch of the program at NYC Health + Hospitals

Because he has seen the benefits of plant-based eating first hand, Adams has always been a strong proponent of implementing programs like Meatless Monday, advocating for its adoption in public schools, prisons, government buildings, and hospitals. As Brooklyn Borough President, Adams pushed for Meatless Monday to be implemented in 15 Brooklyn public schools, and as a result of its success, Meatless Monday is now offered in all NYC schools and provides 1.1 million students with healthy, all-vegetarian breakfast and lunch menus every Monday.

We would like to congratulate Mayor Adams on his election victory, and we are incredibly excited to see how he will continue being a champion for public health and plant-based eating!

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