Meatless Monday Meals at Fresh & Co NYC

Grabbing a quick, inexpensive, and delicious plant-based meal on Meatless Monday just got easier.

From July 12-August 23, Fresh & Co is offering discounted meatless items for Meatless Monday. Get the $8 Meatless Monday menu items below by ordering through the Fresh & Co app. Find your closest Fresh & Co location here.

Meatless Monday Menu Items at Fresh & Co 

  • $8 Breakfast
    • Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Bowl
    • Aegean Breakfast Bowl
    • Beyond Breakfast Bowls
  • $8 Lunch
    • Santa Fe Salad
    • Falafel Salad
    • Gaucho Salad
    • South Beach Salad
    • South by Southwest Grain Bowl
    • Mediterranean Grain Bowl
    • Tex Mex Bowl
    • Falafel Bowl

Great food, huge impact: If every Fresh & Co customer swapped a beef burger for a Meatless Monday veggie option every week for a year, it could save the emissions equivalent to 8 billion smartphones charged and over 10 billion gallons of water.

Share the plant-based love. Post your delicious #MeatlessMonday meals from Fresh & Co and tag @MeatlessMonday and @Freshandcous for a chance to be shared on our Instagram channel.