Meatless Monday Hospital Foodservice Program Guide

Interest in Meatless Monday has never been higher
Now is the best time to introduce a Meatless Monday program at your hospital for patients, employees, and visitors in retail cafeterias. Diner demand for meatless options continues to surge and hospitals are particularly interested in offering new, healthy and delicious plant-based dishes.

Major companies now feature Meatless Monday
These include Subway, Chipotle, Sodexo and Aramark, as well as leading restaurant groups. Thousands of restaurants and foodservice operations around the world are now participating in Meatless Monday. Get involved today.

Meatless Monday doesn’t mean you can’t serve meat – you can!
Simply highlight meatless items and dishes you already offer or create new ones for Meatless Monday  all while keeping meat and seafood items on your menu. It’s that simple. And your diners will appreciate new meatless choices.

Why go Meatless Monday?

  • Show diners that you care about their health – and the health of the environment
  • Drive more cafeteria traffic on Mondays
  • Introduce doctors, nurses and other health care practitioners to a practical strategy that encourages patients to eat healthier
  • Capitalize on the growing trend for savory meatless dishes
  • Demonstrate a leadership role in promoting sustainable food
  • Prosper from serving meatless dishes that may cost less than their meat counterparts