Plant Protein Power

Encourage plant-based choices with Meatless Monday’s Plant Protein Power Package, which includes posters, point-of-sale signage, and digital and social media graphics.

Get your full daily amount of protein – without meat.

Plant-based foods give you a fresh variety of healthy ways to get your protein each day. Certain nuts, beans and grains are especially high in protein – not to mention rich in nutrients that make you feel great.

Introducing the Meatless Monday “Plant Protein Power” Kit

It’s a complete campaign that explains how plant-based foods give you complete protein. We worked with Becky Ramsing, Senior Program Officer with the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future and a Registered Dietitian to create this campaign and make sure the information is backed by scientific research.

Easy to Understand – Three Bite-Size Pieces

Getting protein from plant-based foods isn’t complicated. In fact, you’re probably doing it now without even knowing it. To make it easy to follow, the campaign is divided into three topics:

• The Ingredients: Beans, Grains, Veggies, Fruits and Nuts

• Plant Food Combinations that Form Complete Protein

• The Quality of Plant-Based Protein vs. Meat

3 Printable Posters that illustrate the remarkable health benefits of sourcing protein from plant-based foods. Display these posters in your cafeteria, office, school and community center. Share with your friends. Help spread this valuable message.

9 Social Media Graphics that focus on particular parts of the plant protein story. Post on social media as an ongoing series to build awareness and spark conversations.

6 GIFs that inform and entertain. These playful animations depict the surprising strength of plant protein power. Share them and watch them go viral!

Got Plant Protein Questions? Get Helpful Answers

Visit our FAQ page to learn what you’d like to know. Our answers have been reviewed and approved by a Registered Dietitian from Johns Hopkins University.

Good to Know – the Health Benefits of Plant Protein

Visit our Plant Protein Power landing page to get a useful overview. You’ll also learn why Monday is the perfect day to get a fresh, healthy start on your week.