Plant-based Recipes for Summer Cookouts

When it’s hot outside, the last thing you want to do is cook in a sweltering kitchen. That’s why there’s nothing like a summer cookout: the heat, the sun, the pool, the smell of the charcoal; it all makes for a special experience.

But what kind of plant-based meals can you make with a grill? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re taking all the best of plant-based eating and making it summer-time friendly. That means no roasting in the oven or frying in the sauté pan. Impress and please your family and guests with a selection of elegant appetizers, refreshing salads, and smoky plant-based “burgers.”

Let Meatless Monday help you stay cool with these plant-based recipes destined for summer-time grilling.

Charred Vegetable Flat Bread Pizza

Using a hot grill gives this vegetable flat bread pizza distinct and smoky taste. A spoonful of pesto, some shredded plant-based cheese, and a handful of leafy greens — arugula, spinach, mesclun — gives this appetizer a peppery finish.

Chopped Summer Salad

Simple, bright, and fresh, this chopped summer salad is easy to assemble and always a crowd pleaser. A simple dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, and fresh herbs makes this salad sing. Serve it as an accompaniment to any meal.

Portobello BurgerFire-Roasted Portobello Burgers with Garlic Mayo

Marinating the mushroom caps in olive oil and spices makes these fire-roasted portobello burgers tender and flavorful. The kiss of the grill adds a chard smokiness that pairs nicely with a perfectly toasted bun and a shmear of garlic mayo.

grilled avocado with salsaGrilled Avocado with Salsa

This recipe for grilled avocado is so simple to put together. Simply slice, de-seed, and throw on the grill. For a little extra flair, add a spoonful of salsa to the middle of the avocado.

Mango saladMango, Grilled Corn, and Black Bean Salad

Bring some much-needed relief to a hot summer day with this smooth and tangy mango, grilled corn, and black bean salad. The combination of tropical mango, sweet-and-smoky grilled corn, and creamy black beans is well-balanced and refreshing.

Summer Corn SaladSummer Corn and Wheat Berry Salad

The wheat berry is a toothsome grain that gives heft and texture to salads. Adding sweet summer corn, white beans, red onions, and bell peppers plus a citrusy vinaigrette makes this summer corn wheat berry salad a suitable main course.

summer harvest ratatouilleSummer Harvest Ratatouille

Let seasonal ingredients shine with this satisfying summer harvest ratatouille. Fresh thyme and basil add brightness to summer vegetables like zucchini, eggplant, and fresh tomato.

tofu steakTofu Steak with Spicy Strawberry-Ginger Glaze

Throwing drained, slices of tofu on a hot, oiled grill gives them gorgeous grill marks. Topping the tofu “steaks” with a tangy strawberry glaze completely transforms the dish from “meh” to marvelous.

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