Keep Up the Momentum and Move It this Monday

Stick with it” is a mantra that can be applied to any lifestyle change. Regardless of our current life phase, we all tend to approach new habits with that same initial burst of enthusiasm, only to realize — after a few hours, days, or weeks — that those lofty goals are not so easy to achieve.

Accomplishing our self-improvement goals, especially those related to physical wellness and fitness, requires a steady pace and continued momentum.

Think about it this way – an object in motion stays in motion: So, set yourself up for success this Monday by following a program that emphasizes incremental progress and small steps forward.

Use the tips below to help keep the momentum going and meet your fitness goals:

Visualize the End Results

When working towards physical fitness goals, initial progress doesn’t always manifest itself in a dramatic change in appearance or ability. When things get difficult, especially in the beginning, do your best to visualize the end result or final goal, whether it’s getting up the stairs with minimum strain or fitting into a new pair of pants.

Build Confidence

You’re more likely to stick to your routine if you trust the process and are. Work with a trainer for guidance; they will be able to show you proper form, technique, and pace so that you can be confident in your own ability to execute the exercises correctly and avoid injury.

Aim for Convenience

You’re more likely to incorporate physical activity into your day if it’s convenient. Make sure any weights or fitness equipment is accessible; this could mean having a set of free weights or resistant bands by your TV couch, armchair, or nightstand. Do your best to fit fitness into your daily routine.

Make it Affordable

If your fitness goal is costing you an arm and a hip, your gym membership is going to be the first expense to cut. But, thankfully, there are tons of low-cost/no-cost activities to get you moving, many of which can be performed from the comfort of your own home.

Include Fun Activities

Any hobby can be transformed into an opportunity to get moving. Photography, dance, gardening, ceramics, even a walk around the local farmers market can all help improve balance, strength, and flexibility.

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Stay Motivated Every Move It Monday

Our Be Your Motivation package is an 8-part web-based series designed to show how you can maintain your momentum and increase your drive and determination over time. By planning a path to success, taking small-steps, and using inspirational cues like music and positive mantras, anyone can turn lofty ambitions into attainable realities.