Walk Your Way to Better Health

Walking is the easiest way to get physically active. And although you may not always work up a sweat, a weekly walking routine can help you stay healthy and put you on the path to reaching your fitness and exercise goals.

But walking does much more than just get you in shape. By walking as little as 30 minutes a day, five days a week, you can improve your heart and lung health, prevent arthritis-related joint pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and maintain a healthy weight.

Download the Walk Your Way to Better Health Package

Walk Your Way to Better Health

Download our 12-week walking package and start taking the steps toward a healthier you.

What’s in the Package?

Our Walk Your Way to Better Health package contains twelve inspirational graphics designed to encourage a Move It Monday walking routine. Each graphic is supported by a corresponding educational article which offer practical resources and activity ideas.

Don’t let that hard-core runner convince you otherwise: Walking is real exercise. This Monday learn the short and long term health benefits of walking.
Adopting a consistent walking routine is an important step towards an overall healthier lifestyle, but even an activity as straight forward as walking requires a little bit of planning.
February is American Heart Month and we’re highlighting some of the positive impacts physical activity can have on your heart. Making a plan to become more active has many benefits to your health.
Like any other exercise, walking requires proper form and technique to be done safely and effectively.
Move It Endurance Featured
Incorporating regular aerobic workouts into your weekly fitness routine can help you stay healthy by reducing the risk of major health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure.
If it’s not walking weather, you can still keep moving. There are plenty of indoor options to help you stay fit this Monday and throughout the week.
We’re going to show you how to find a few minutes to move your body enough to make a difference. There are a few times throughout the day when you can squeeze in a walk without disrupting your schedule. Think of it as “walking around the clock.”
As many of us spend more time indoors, a daily walk can be the perfect opportunity to get up from your chair and take in some fresh air. Although walking alone can benefit your physical health, strolling with a companion can boost your mood and overall wellbeing.
You don’t have to do your 30 minutes of daily physical activity all in one shot. Find creative ways to incorporate more walking into your normal routine.
We feed off of the energy of others and find strength in their support. This Monday, lace up your sneakers, find a few friends, family, or colleagues, and commit to a regular walking habit with a virtual walking group.
Grab a pair of sneakers and step outside for a quick jog. It's an inexpensive exercise that can kick start your fitness routine this Monday.
It may seem like a leisurely activity, but walking is most definitely a workout. Moving at a brisk pace—whether it’s around the neighborhood, through the park, or up-and-down city streets—can help improve endurance, heart health, flexibility, and weight management.