Make the Great American Smokeout Your Day to Quit

This Monday, make a plan to quit on the Great American Smokeout

The American Cancer Society’s annual Great American Smokeout encourages people from across the country to take a step toward a smoke-free life, and as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to play a role in our lives, the need for tobacco cessation is greater now than ever before.

Although there’s no direct evidence connecting cigarette smoking with an increased likelihood of contracting COVID-19, people with a history of cigarette use are at a higher risk of developing viral lung infections or serious respiratory illnesses (like COVID-19) compared to nonsmokers. And while smokers may not be any more likely to contract COVID-19, if they do, their symptoms tend to be more severe and life threatening.

So, is the Great American Smokeout a good time to quit? Yes! Smokers can start reaping the benefits of quitting almost immediately. All you have to ask yourself is: Are you ready to start with day one of your journey to a healthier life?

Use this Monday to get energized, make a plan, find virtual resources, build your support network, and learn what to expect when you start your quit. After the weekend, check-in on your quitting efforts, and find healthy ways to celebrate your success. And if you struggled, use next Monday to learn some new ways to manage your cravings or triggers, and prepare to recommit to your quit!

Keep Up Your Quit After GASO with Our New Check-In Tool

With the Quit & Stay Quit Monday Check-in Tool, you can “check-in” every Monday to get useful tips and practices to help you regardless of where you are in your quit process. Building motivation? Feeling triggered? In need of a support buddy? We have resources for you.