Resisting the Urge to Smoke

It’s easy to feel powerless against the urge to smoke. In many situations, the desire for a cigarette can originate from seemingly anywhere: a sight, a smell, a memory. But whatever the trigger, dealing with the sudden need to smoke is an essential element of tobacco cessation and a successful quit.

The Quit & Stay Quit Monday Resisting the Urge to Smoke package is a 9-week series designed to offer users a unique practice every Monday to help them overcome triggers, control cravings, and ultimately navigate a smoke-free life. Practices are simple and straightforward, making them accessible to a range of age groups, backgrounds, and experience levels, and applicable in a variety of settings, such as social gatherings, the workplace, or moments alone. This Monday, take a stance against the urge to smoke.

Download the Resisting the Urge to Smoke Package

Resisting the Urge to Smoke Package

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Use Our Practices to Quit and Stay Quit Every Monday

Understanding triggers and knowing how to handle them when they arise are two essential pieces of a successful quit plan. This Monday, learn how to identify (and conquer) your triggers with some simple techniques and practices that are easy to apply to your day-to-day rou...
Experiencing a range of emotions is a normal part of the human experience, but these swings are exacerbated after you quit smoking cigarettes.
Quit Stay Busy Feature
Keeping your mouth, mind, and body busy can help you overcome cravings. Here are five things you can do when you feel the urge to smoke.
Practicing meditation can aid with smoking cessation and act as a natural replacement to the relaxing effects of nicotine.
Smokers know that cigarette cravings can strike unexpectedly, but being prepared for these moments can help you resist these urges when they inevitably arise. One simple technique that can be applied at any moment is deep breathing.
If you want to reduce the effects of smoking on your life, you need to reduce the power triggers hold. Triggers, which make you want to smoke, can be emotional, withdrawal, or social.
The mere act of holding something in your hand will not only take your mind off smoking, but can actually physically prevent you from picking up a cigarette. This Monday, instead of reaching for cigarettes, make a plan for your hands.
When you’re spending the night out with others, preparation is the key to staying committed to you quit. This Monday, learn how you can plan ahead to avoid smoking triggers and combat your cravings.
An affirmation is positive messaging that you can repeat to yourself during times of internal crisis. Repeat these mini mantras to yourself to help react and manage cravings when they inevitably strike.