When you decide to quit smoking, set a quit date to go smokefree. The date will serve as your commitment to get healthy, create a goal, and jump-start the motivation you need to quit. We’ve got some great ideas to help you get started.


Find a quit date that works best for you

Quit on a Monday. Mondays are an extremely powerful tool for former smokers to use to quit and stay quit.

Choose a date in the next few weeks. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to get ready. Quitting too soon might not give you enough time to prepare and a date too far in the future could lead to abandoning or forgetting your quit.

Look at your schedule. Avoid a day or timeframe when you expect to be busier than usual. Big events, whether they are work-related or personal, can take time and focus away from a quit. Quitting on vacation or outside your normal routine can make it more difficult to stay quit when you come back to “real life.”


Once you’ve selected a quit date, ensure your success!

Develop a quit plan and set it in motion. The plan should contain ways to build your social support, deal with cravingsremove triggers, and more.

Talk to other quitters. Advice from others who’ve successfully quit can spark ideas.

Plan ahead to reward your quit! Prepare to celebrate your milestones and ease the stress of its effects.

This is a landmark moment in your life and it’s worth every minute to be prepared. By taking the time this Monday to choose a date and create a plan, you will be 100% ready to quit and stay quit.